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Service & Repairs

We are also known as "The Headset Doctor"!

We've been fixing and servicing headsets, amplifiers, and accessories for a long time. You can trust us to make quick work of your in and out of warranty repairs. We offer both strict repair and 6-month guarantee re-certification on headsets and amplifiers. Our goal is to return both in and out of warranty repairs to our customers within 48 hours of receiving their products*.

As a result of using our Service and Repair Department the cost of owning headsets in your business will be significantly reduced. The value of our Program is evident through the consistent positive return on your asset investment. Compare the cost of a new headset with the price of repairing your existing headset.

If there is nothing wrong with your headset, we do not charge!

If health and hygiene are an issue for you, we also offer a sanitation service, where we clean and restore your equipment.

Let us do all the work for you, help is only a click or call away!

*Some conditions apply.