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Health & Hygiene Health & Hygiene Recommendations

Every headset user can testify to the long term health and ergonomic benefits of using a headset. Several independent studies have documented the reduction of neck, back, and shoulder pain when users switch to headset usage over traditional telephone handsets. Not many users know that headsets themselves must be maintained on a regular basis to avoid health and hygiene concerns in the workplace.

Headset Hygiene Tips

  1. Each and every user should be provided a headset for their own dedicated use. Sharing headsets is unhygienic.
  2. Leatherette or foam ear cushions should be replaced every 6 months or with each new headset user.
  3. Windscreens (microphone cushions) or sound tubes (voice tubes) should be replaced every 6 months or with each new headset user.
  4. Headset plastics, consoles, and equipment should be cleaned on a regular basis using anti-bacterial wipes or non-alcoholic antiseptic solvents, especially when assigning used headsets to new users.

These steps are the bare minimum recommendations for safe and effective long term headset hygiene and should be used as a guide to maintain health and safety regulations in your company. Not only will these tips assist in creating a safer workplace for your employees, but they will also promote greater longevity for your headsets and equipment.